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Currently, one of the key issues facing large industrial projects throughout the country is availability of sustainable resources for supplying goods and primary materials with appropriate quality and reasonable price. Specifically power, oil, gas, petrochemical and water and wastewater industries has special importance due to their specific technological sensitivities. As a result, supply of primary materials and goods in the industries has particular sensitivities. In this regard, the company utilizes the expertise of its managers and staff in various fields related to power plants, oil, gas, petrochemicals, and etc. to source and supply the required goods in the industries mentioned above. It was able to provide advice and technical information on what customers are looking for.


It is our honor that we were able to meet demands of our customers through creating exclusive representatives with European, Russian, American and Asian well-known brands thanks to the existence of a 40-year working relationship with those companies. We will also try to substantially improve level of trade and service which are given to them. Moreover, headquarter of Petro Simin Sabk, due to its direct relationship with manufacturers and suppliers of goods around the world, not only can supply the best consumer items with the highest quality for different industries, but also it is able to execute any project in form of EPCF through its internationally reliable partners, based on the highest technical and engineering standards and at the most competitive price (in foreign currency and Rial) for employers as soon as possible. Petro Simin Sabk’s managers believe that by supplying specialized equipment timely and in a short time they only pass through half of their path in reaching the company’s ideal objectives which is to‌ improve customer satisfaction; the other half is to provide specialized and consultancy services with technical support before and after the purchase.

About Us

Message From Management

Message From Management

Iran’s fast growing economy and increasing demands for equipment and products in power, oil, gas, petrochemical, and water and wastewater industries cause local and domestic companies to import goods and high quality services. The activities can be done properly through a company which is able to provide such services in an integrated way with a reliable and competent management. Meanwhile, scale of the country's industries along with other necessities, such as use of the most up-to-date knowledge, communicating with technology-based companies, making new designs, modernizing the old facilities, and financing the projects, have led to quality of items and products used in these industries become very important. It is because, performance of main industries has played crucial role in development and sustainability of national economy.

In this regard, Petro Simin Sabk has begun its business with a new perspective to the supply chain in various industrial fields. The company provides the services needed by the industries with the highest quality, competitive price and delivery in the shortest time. It has managed not only to use knowledge and valuable experiences of its management team and employ experienced personnel, but also to communicate with reputable companies and use of their experiences and identify needs of power, oil, gas, petrochemical and water and wastewater industries, in order to apply initiative methods to solve challenges of supplying goods and providing services for the industries.

So despite all international adverse conditions and economic events such as fluctuations in exchange rate, sanctions and etc. Petro Simin Sabk Company has been able to perform effectively and distinctively in comparison with other Iranian companies at the same level. The company was able to prevent from disruption in supply chain of products which were required for implementing national projects. The success have been obtained by the managers and employees’ cooperation and hardworking. Now we are ready to provide effective and efficient services in short time with the highest quality, based on the previous experience as well as the new strategic plans and in line with the new rules of the company. Surely, love and devotion to the homeland and tolerating the hardships and limitations at this time will guarantee the future of next generation and will establish culture of work and effort in the country. Therefore, it is hoped that the service will result in efficiency, growth and success of various industries and economy of the country in all aspects.

Visson & Mission

  • Contributing to the promotion, innovation and sustainable development industry in Iran

  • Active presence in the supply chain of upstream and downstream industries, based on the relative advantages of the country

  • Developing effective and direct communication with reputable European, Russian, American and Asian brands and manufacturers

  • Increasing cooperation with international companies and technical knowledge-based institutes

  • Providing the most advanced technology and the best services to customers and employers; and also obtaining their satisfaction

  • Developing and improving the supply chain, removing intermediaries and reducing operating expenses through providing modern and primary services

  • Active, impressive and efficient presence in international events and attracting foreign participation

  • Developing investment in attractive areas of industry

  • Developing and improving activities and communication in new markets, particularly in Persian Gulf States and countries in Caucasus and Middle East region

  • Improving and promoting Petro Simin Sabk position in inside and international fields from customer and employer perspective


As the company is cooperating with the world's leading providers of industrial technology, our fundamental activities include obtaining representative, supplying high quality products; and providing services with extraordinary quality to maximize profits; the activities can be done through the following approaches:

  • Identifying and forecasting demands of markets of Iran and Middle East and then planning to meet the demands;

  • Expanding activities of the company from Iran to neighboring countries and establishing the position and brand of the company in new markets;

  • Employing experts, specialists and elites and prioritizing knowledge based activities.