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PSS is a leading supplier of polymeric raw materials including plastic commodities, engineering plastics, plastic compounds, and masterbatches. The company serves as a key partner for many production companies as well as other plastic traders. The main focus of PSS is on Plastic commodities such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). However, we offer a large variety of compounded materials and engineering plastics as well as compounds of Polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber or talc, Polyamide reinforced with glass fiber, impact modified polypropylene and polyamide, filled polyethylene with various content of calcium carbonate up to 75%, color and functional masterbatches. In addition to local market, we export locally produced prime polymers and compounds to variety of countries including Armenia, Turkey, Uzbakistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, etc. Our Polymer experts are your side if you need technical consultation. We provide best service to our customers including technical consultation, testing services, compounding services, in line with fast delivery of polymeric products to you. We offer polymeric materials with best prices in local and international market and our customers and other manufacturing and trading companies rely on our pricing system and regard us as reference of polymer pricing in the region.

PetroChemical services of petro simin sabk
PetroChemical services of petro simin sabk

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  • What services do we offer in this area?

    Technical Services:

    PSS with a team of experts, gives technical consultation in the fields of polymeric materials selection, polymer product design, polymer grade substitution in order to attain reliable supply of raw materials, product quality improvement, or production process optimization.

    Laboratory Testing:

    Having access to a network of certified laboratories, PSS Co. offers different testing services to its clients including polymer properties testing such as physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, ... properties as well as testing of end products such as films, pipes, injection molded articles, auto parts, etc. In addition to performing tests, PSS Co. helps its clients interpret the test results.

    Compounding Services:

    We produce taylor-made polymer materials in our compounding plant according to customer requirements. In addition, we produce standard grades of reinforced polymers, toughened plastics, filled compounds and masterbatches.


    We deliver all the materials in a short time using our network of domestic and international transportation companies. In addition of road transportation for our domestic customers, we offer rail and water transportation for abroad clients.

Petro Simin Sabk

Petro Simin Sabk has begun its business with a new perspective to the supply chain in various industrial fields. The company provides the services needed by the industries with the highest quality, competitive price and delivery in the shortest time.

It is our honor that we were able to meet demands of our customers through creating exclusive representatives with European, Russian, American and Asian well-known brands thanks to the existence of a 40-year working relationship with those companies.