Hydroelectric power plants :

In recent decades, due to the growth of urban population and increased consumption of natural resources, the water supply and storage has become increasingly important in urban, agricultural and industrial sectors. This has become a serious concern for the authorities and getting more significant in Iran, which being a semi-arid country with water shortage; therefore, the need to preserve existing water resources shall be focused by the responsible civil engineering actors.

However, dams can be used simultaneously as one of the main sources for power generation in the country; because the hydroelectric power plants are at great advantage due to lack of use of any fuel, and in return, the related costs. In fact, given the fact that hydroelectric power plants do not consume fossil fuels, they are considered environment friendly and clean power plants. Further, the cost of electrical energy produced in a hydroelectric plant is almost unaffected by the price changes of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and the coal. In this regard, believing that the optimum performance and the construction of dams and hydroelectric power plants can play an effective role in the development of other industries in the country, the management of PSS Co. takes advantage of 40-year experience of its managers, and obtaining authorized agencies from the internationally recognized companies. This is to play an effective and profound role for our employers in this area.

In addition, these plants play an important role in controlling the frequency of the network and can improve the network load factor. In short, the hydroelectric power plants are characterized the lack of fuel needs, the very short time of commissioning, environmental protection, and the lack of pollution and high lifetime. As a result, they play a great role in supplying the energy needs of the country.

Hydroelectric power plants services of petro simin sabk
Hydroelectric power plants services of petro simin sabk

Popular Questions
  • What services do we offer in this area?
    • Foreign financing for the construction of new dams and power plants
    • Modernization of existing dams and hydroelectric plants in the country
    • Performing major overhauls of dams and power plants
    • Supply of main components and spare parts, including various types of turbines, generators, etc.
    • Providing engineering and consulting services
    • Organizing training courses and specialized seminars
  • Company projects in this area?
    • Iranian partner of the Russian power plant consortium in EPC-F project for the development of the Dez Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant and increasing its height
    • Financing with worth of € 370 million for project of development of the Dez Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant and increasing its height, and provision of banking sheet from Russia
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